tradition, craftsmanship, quality and rich cultural heritage

since 1961

Small family manufactory in the Italian province 

If there was a recipe for creating the perfect shoe brand, it would start with these words. They are the foundations for the success of Principe di Bologna.     

Carefully preserving all these components, the founders of the manufacture Ulderico and Quinto Pistonesi nurtured love for footwear in the younger generation - Rocco and Eusebio, sons of Ulderico.     

As they grew older, the brothers Rocco and Eusebio joined their father and uncle, at the same time a small factory of 15 people accepted its first large order for the production of 2,000 pairs of classic men's shoes. None of the employees were embarrassed by the fact that in order to fulfill this order on time, they had to be in production almost 24/7.            

The perfect quality and appearance of the goods was the only priority and a matter of honor for the Pistonesi family. Such dedication to principles and professionalism brought the brand a well-deserved fame, which made it possible to expand the range and produce collections of both men's and women's shoes.     

Being inspired by the music and cinema of the 80s of the last century, the passion for which, along with the factory, the brothers got from their father, Rocco and Eusebio retained the laconic and sophisticated style of Principe di Bologna. It easily combines the outward simplicity of design, consummate skill of execution and design, which are noticeable in the finish and features pads.            

Today, the Principe di Bologna style is a harmonious interpretation of the trends of the season, a large selection of models, as well as premium quality materials and workmanship.